na zdravje!

DNA Distillery x Fabrika by Madera

Ticket Type: General Admission
General Admission

We’re teaming up with restaurant Fabrika by Madera, for the ultimate Balkan party! Baba’s setting the table with her favourites, think mix grill, Urnebes crusts, Gravce Tavce, Makalo and everything Ajvar. While Dedo is on bar duty serving free-flowing DNA rakija cocktails all night!

Because there’s no party without music, baba’s invited her friend Toni Trubac for the night, so get your dancing shoes on because the kolo and oro is calling! 

Thursday 30 May from 7pm  

3/264 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights

Ticket price includes balkan feast, free flowing rakija cocktails and live entertainment with Tony Trubac. 


The Beogard: Classic Rakija, Amontillado Sherry, lime, bitters, ginger beer

Balkan Paloma: Classic Rakija, grapefruit syrup, falernum, lime, citrus soda

Dedo's Negroni: Gold Rakija, cacao Campari, coffee sweet Vermouth

Passionfruit Sendoff: passionfruit, lemon and orange juices