batch log

our rakija is crafted from select parcels of australian produce sourced from award-winning boutique suppliers across australia.

produced with sustainable and organic farming practices, no pesticides or chemicals are used. the produce is carefully grown, slowly ripened, hand-picked and sorted. that which then makes the cut is fermented naturally - no additives; making for a perfect, organic wine.

the wine is then distilled immediately using a specialty still flown in from poland - we only use the best to produce the best.

we then distil our rakija a second time (two is always better than one) to eradicate impurities and ensure we only bottle the finest rakija there is.

batch log #0001 - CLASSIC RAKIJA
[Shiraz 2021]

sourced from vines that are 22 years old, planted on deep granite soils. they are low yielding but we don’t mind - it means the flavour of the grapes are more intense and concentrated.

vintage 2021 presented some challenges with intermittent and unusual summer rains but then the sunny dry autumn kicked in bringing ideal ripening conditions. the shiraz grapes ripened slowly and were picked four weeks later than they typically would be, resulting in an intense flavour with spicy, ripe plum and light peppery aromas – classic notes from a deceptively good vintage.

these notes translate to an equally flavoursome Classic Rakija that is crisp, fresh and delicate on the palate.

batch log #0002 - gold rakija
[shiraz 2021]

deep soils and low hanging vines make for a rich and flavourful shiraz grape. the perfect base for our Gold Rakija.

the shiraz grapes were ripened slowly in the 2021 season. as such they have intense notes of spice, ripe plum and peppery aromas. when double-distilled they produce a Gold Rakija that is full-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel and a subtle sweet undertone.

batch log #0003 - pear rakija
[pear 2022]

sourced from an award winning family owned orchard originally planted in 1957 by italian immigrants and still owned by the same family today. nothing but the best pears were selected for our Pear Rakija.

the growing season in south australian for this batch was ideal leading to juicy, delicate, crisp and sweet pears. these pears were then juiced and fermented prior to being double-distilled which has produced a Pear Rakija that is fruity, crisp and sweet on the pallet.

batch log #0004 - classic rakija
[shiraz 2022]

sourced from the 'riverina' region of nsw known for it’s warmer climate and terroir, comparable with that of the southern areas of italy.

vintage 2022 was grown and harvested during a la niña event. as a result of la niña this batch arrived later than expected but the grapes benefited in nutrients, leading to a complex and robust shiraz, a vibrant crimson colour with an aroma of dark berries, currants and hints of chocolate.

the aroma, tasting notes and rare weather season have come to create a Classic Rakija that you won’t want to miss.

batch log #0005 - gold rakija
[shiraz 2022]

sourced from generational wine makers in the 'riverina' region of nsw, this batch is something special. produced with sustainable and organic farming practices, the 2022 vintage was impacted by challenging conditions that characterise a la niña event.

our Gold Rakija has endured, blended with our secret family recipe. it is bold, subtly sweet and rich in flavour. this is dedo’s favourite.

batch log #0006 - classic rakija
[shiraz 2023]

sourced from the riverina region, batch #0006 embodies the challenges of the la niña-influenced 2023 vintage. persistent spring rainfall and significant flooding tested our growers, resulting in one of the most demanding seasons. despite adversities, the Classic Rakija from 2023 emerges as a triumph of resilience and craftsmanship.

the essence of this Rakija is a direct result of navigating the hurdles of nature during the challenging season. It boasts vibrant and ripe flavours that reflect the complexity born from the unique character of the vintage. accompanied by an aroma of dark berries, currants, and subtle hints of chocolate, creates a sensory experience that tells the story of the vineyards journey.

batch log #0007 - gold rakija
[shiraz 2023]

from the generational winemakers of riverina, batch #0007, our Gold Rakija, stands as a testament to triumph over the adversities presented by la niña in the 2023 vintage. crafted with a commitment to sustainability, this batch seamlessly blends the bold spirit of the season with our secret family recipe.

dedo's favourite, the Gold Rakija from 2023, offers a subtly sweet and richly flavoured experience that directly reflects the enduring spirit of the vineyards. the unique conditions of the season are intricately woven into the tapestry of this spirit, promising a distinct and memorable tasting journey. the Gold Rakija from 2023 is not just a beverage; it's a celebration of resilience and the indomitable spirit of winemaking and distilling, resulting in a distinctive and character-rich expression of our craft.