it's in our dna

our story starts with family… but they’re not the usual kind.
they’re the louder than life kind. they dance on tables
and talk with their hands kind. they turn up to your home
unexpectedly kind.

our family is our life - our reason for being and
inspiration for doing. they make us who we are and have
taught us all we know - including how to distil the best
rakija there is.


it’s pronounced ra-ki-ya

rakija has been made by our family for five generations.

dedo’s recipe was so famous in the village that people
would travel by foot for the chance to taste it. when our
family moved to australia, they brought dedo’s beloved
drink with them. they would share it with friends, slip it to
the neighbours, and sneak us sips when baba wasn’t

now the tradition is ours to keep. but no one said
anything about keeping it to ourselves.


sharing a time-honoured tradition

we’ve taken our dedo’s recipe and upped our game -
same soul, better everything else.

our rakija is made from bold and full-bodied australian
shiraz and double distilled in a legitimate distillery. no
make-do backyard set up here.

rakija is made to be sipped slowly; savoured in the
moments between conversation and laughter. it is a drink
of joy; for cheersing with friends and celebrating with

so from our family to yours, na zdravje!


and then there's us

life’s full of pivotal moments. moments when you’re
presented with a crossroads and have to make a choice.
these kind of moments are definitive. they’re the moments
you look back on and say “that’s where the story

the decision to launch dna distillery came about in the
midst of a celebration (fitting for a drink that’s all about
joy). monique had just been admitted as a solicitor and
was out celebrating with her cousin james when he asked
her a question: “so what’s next?”

monique’s answer wasn’t what you might expect. “i want
to make rakija.”

it was something she had been thinking about for months.
but it was in that moment - at that crossroads - that dna
went from an idea to a reality.


a note from james & monique

dna distillery is the legacy of our ancestors; a tradition passed down from generation to generation, from europe to australia.

to us, it is bottled magic - culture, tradition, passion, joy. distilled and sealed. best enjoyed neat with a newspaper in hand.

dna is a tribute to the friends, loved ones, mentors and strangers that have shaped our journey. a tribute to those that came before us and those that will come after us. whether you call it rakija, grappa, moonshine, ouzo, or arak - or whether you’ve never tried this before in your life - there’s one thing you can bet on: we’re about to change the way you drink.